Mini Projector 微型投影機


AP2 smart projector performs higher brightness (200 ANSI) with Android OS. Supports you best using experience.

*Digital Auto Keystone Correction

*High Brightness (200 ANSI)

*High Resolution: 1280 x 720

Untra-Compact, Quite, and Powerful.  The AP2 portable projector is our most advanced product. It has built-in WIFI and Bluetooth capability, which means it can be easily connected with any smart devices!

With the latest technology, AP2 supports focusing by remote control which is more convenient. On top of that, With the REAL 200 ANSI Lumens brightness and 1280x720 resolution, clear & bright 1080P Video can be displayed, which satisfies your portable projection needs without compromise of image quality. 

WONDERMAX AP2  行動劇院 / 微型投影機

體積 175 x 102 x 28 mm,一樣行動自如~機靈無比! 愛怎麼投~就怎麼投 (175 x 102 x 28 mm, easy to carry!)

使用台灣機心蕊片,產品模組狂銷美國,品質有口碑。(Taiwan made module and chipset.  Quality assured.)

內建WIFI、Bluetooth,可以無需接線與手機連結(screen sharing),也可以透過內建的APP軟體,直接上網看影片/台灣無線電視頻道 (公視/華視/中視/台視/民視/GOOD TV - 支援HD頻道解析度)。內建喇叭,也可以透過藍芽連接喇叭,音效更佳。(built-in Wifi, Bluetooth function. Connect mobile without any cables (screen sharing), Watching video/TV on line. Bluetooth feature to connect BT speaker to enjoy better sound effect)

內建TF卡插槽,也可以外接USB隨身碟跟硬碟,可以播放多種檔案影像檔與照片檔。 (Built-in TF card slot, supports USB Flash and HDD. (RM,RMVB,AVI,MKV,WMV,MP4,VOB files)

投影尺寸: 27"~90"以上 (3M投影尺寸約90") (Projecting size from 27"~81" above...)

梯形校正: 正負15度,可以設定自動或者手動梯形校正。

使用德國歐司朗LED燈,壽命長達20000小時,超高亮度200 ANSI (約市面一般亮度500流明)。 (Using OSRAM LED lighting source, supports 20000 working hours. High brightness 200 ANSI (around market brightness 500 lum).

可以透過滑鼠、鍵盤操作,讓使用者更方便使用。(Supports Mouse, keyboard operation)

內建4000mAH電池,可以不插電播放影片90分鐘。(built-in 4000 mAH Li-on battery, which supports 90 minutes play time (non-plug).  

為了提供更好的服務給客戶,我們內建APP store市集,客戶可以自行下載APP軟體使用 (如FB, Youtube, XBMC player)。也可以上網找尋APP軟體後用USB隨身碟灌入投影機後使用。(We cooperates with factory providing App store for user to download preferable apps - for example: FB, Youtube. XBMC player...etc.)

透過HDMI,可以連接投影Notebook, Cable TV, 遊戲機(PS3,PS4…etc.),享受超大螢幕娛樂效果。(AP2 supprots HDMI interface to connect Notebook, Cable TV, PS3/PS4...etc., Enjoy big screen entertainment.

實際投影畫面 (Real Projecting Photo Sample)